Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use Every user who visits the website limray.com is encouraged to read all the terms and conditions carefully. If a user or business entity fails to do so, limray.com and its management won’t be considered accountable for your actions or actions taken against you in any manner. From the moment a person or business entity visits limray.com and continues to use it for job, projects and professional network, selling project or meeting other users, it will be assumed that the user or business entity is in agreement with these terms and conditions.

In case you don’t agree with any of these terms, you may choose not to use limray.com. If you don’t agree to any of the terms and conditions and continue to use the website for making contacts or conducting business, it will be assumed that you agree to all the terms and conditions and have accepted it without a doubt. You are NOT Allowed to pretend ignorance of these terms and conditions if you are using limray.com currently or do so in the future.

Limray.com - A Platform Connecting Employee, Users to Employer  limray.com is simply a platform that connects individual users or business entities with other individual users or business entities for buying and selling or projects and services. limray.com is not a mediator who will help individuals or business entities to connect with one another. We have no say or participation in the communication, agreements, and business transactions done by any user of limray.com with another user.

Limray.com also offers no guarantee on whether a user is offering genuine products or not or whether a user in indulging in illegal activity or not. In case a user promises something to another user but fails to deliver the same, limray.com can’t be held responsible in any manner. Similarly, limray.com will not guarantee that a user has the capacity to complete the order / project / Job given by another user or a user has the capacity to pay for an order placed via limray.com. This website is a separate entity and is no way connected to any user or his/her/its activities

Who Can Use Limray.com? limray.com can only be accessed by individuals or business entities, hereby named as users who abide by the law of their respective countries. An individual must be more than 18 years of age to register as a user, and a business entity must be legally identified in the country where it is operating from. Every user needs to do his/her or its own due diligence before trusting another user on limray.com. The website also has the right to take away privileges of a user and suspend accounts any time without providing a reason if a user is suspected of or is found guilty of damaging the reputation of limray.com, doing something illegal or doing any form of fraud

Customer Information Use limray.com makes use of cookies to understand the browsing preferences of its users. The personal information stored by limray.com may or may not be made available to third parties. All the calls made by users to limray.com are confidential, but the calls might be recorded to improve and enhance the quality of customer service or for training purposes.

Delegation of Services limray.com reserves the right to delegate or outsource any of its services to third-party vendors without informing the users. Even the website management or maintenance can be outsourced from time to time to save money and effort.

No Abusive Language It must also be noted that no user has the right to use foul or abusive language while interacting with other users, limray.com management or any other entity. Any user who is found guilty of doing that will have the limray.com account terminated

User Agreement for Limray.com This agreement applies to all users of limray.com, be it a business entity or a person. The website, limray.com should only be used for business purposes, finding Jobs, Professional Networking. In case the terms of this agreement clash with the fresh terms and conditions applicable to any product or service of limray.com, the latter would be given preference. Updating the User Agreement limray.com will constantly update and/or modify the user agreement to keep relevant. The changes would be effective as soon as they are posted. Hence, a user who continues to use the website after said modifications would agree that the user abides by all the changes.

Intellectual Property Rights of Limray.com is the sole owner of and has legal license over all the content present on the website, be it the text, images, design, graphics, videos, etc. All the content is written according to intellectual property rights and hence, any user found copying, or misusing the content in any manner would be banned immediately.

The third-party content present on the website (for example, advertisements or affiliate links) is not the responsibility of limray.com, and the company doesn’t endorse it. It is the responsibility of the user to do due diligence before trusting any third-party website or external link present on limray.com.

Trademark Information of Limray.com The name limray.com and all the signs, symbols and logos associated with it are registered trademarks of limray.com. They abide by different intellectual property rights laws. Copying, modifying or using them is punishable as per various laws of India and other nations.

limray.com encourages its users to report illegal or unethical use of limray.com content and everything else that is covered as per copyright laws. Any user who breaks the copyright parameters by either copying the content of limray.com or any other entity over the internet would be reported and banned from limray.com. Also, a user who is found using limray.com content for other uses than those mentioned in the agreement without express written permission will also be banned from limray.com.

Sub-Domains The subdomains provided by limray.com to the buyers and sellers are not permanent. limray.com reserves the right to change, modify, edit or suspend them at any time. In case a user’s subdomain is suspended, and the user suffers from a loss, limray.com would not be responsible for compensating for the same or pay damages for any other kind of loss (like damage to brand image).

The decision made by limray.com in intellectual property rights cases would be final and irrevocable. The user cannot challenge it and cannot expect any refunds in case a user’s account is suspended.

limray.com’s decision in matters of intellectual property rights would be final and irrevocable. Users who are found guilty would never return to limray.com and won’t be offered any refunds.

Third Party Links on Limray.com cannot control third party links and hence takes no responsibility for their actions or quality assurance. Any user who is redirected to a third-party website must not associate limray.com with that website and cross check any information present there before doing any transactions. limray.com cannot be held liable in case a third-party website cheats or misuses the trust of a user of limray.com in any manner.

The owners of limray.com can ban: A user’s subscription for how long as they wish.

A user if the user is involved in any illegal, unethical activity or frauds.

A user who doesn’t abide by this agreement and its terms & conditions

A user who misuses limray.com for reasons like sending spam messages or something more sinister.

A user who posts irrelevant or offensive content

A user who is impersonating other person or business entity without permission

A user who tries to hack or misuse limray.com in any manner

A user who doesn’t follow the laws or honest business practices

A user who interferes in smooth use of limray.com by other users

A user who is reselling material present on limray.com website

A user who uses limray.com name, trademark or other copyrighted information without express written permission from the owners of limray.com

A user who creates multiple accounts on the website & In case a user is banned, limray.com won’t be liable for any damages suffered by the user and won’t pay a refund for subscription services.

In cases where the website limray.com is not accessible by users due to technical reasons or any other thing, the users cannot claim a refund for loss of business or any damages resulting from an incident.

Limitation of Liability limray.com will not be liable for any losses you incur as a user by trusting the website, it's content, other users or a third party whose link was placed on the website. In case a user has incurred losses due to mistakes done by our employees or an operational snag, offering a refund and the amount of refund will be decided by representatives of limray.com. In no case, the amount of the refund can exceed INR 1000.

Payment and Refunds Terms of Limray.com Fee for the Add-ons Limray.com charges no membership fee from its users. However, if the user chooses, he/she or it can seek one of our add-on services. The payment for such services should be made in advance. All payments need to be made to PMK Networks Pvt Ltd via Online payment methods only. In no scenario would limray.com take responsibility of failed payments. In case you suspect that someone who claims to be representing limray.com is asking for the payment, you are free to contact our customer service team to verify the identity of such individuals. You are also advised to report scammers who try to represent limray.com and extract payments from you in our name. limray.com will take appropriate legal action against that individual or organisation.

Late Payments Late payments are not allowed by limray.com. Even if the user pays late payments, limray.com may decide to keep the users’ account suspended or terminated. In the case where a user mistakenly makes an excess payment, limray.com will refund the extra amount back with or without charging a penalty. Late fee penalties are also decided by limray.com.

Refund Terms Once a user pays for an add-on service, there is no possibility of a refund. A user would not get a refund even if the service is stopped from immediate effect.
No user can claim a refund citing that limray.com didn’t deliver what it promised as the company works on a best effort basis.
Users are highly advised not to do transactions with other users directly and leave the security of payments provided by limray.com- Limray Pay.
In case a user makes a credit card payment to another user on limray.com and ends up losing money or confidential information, limray.com will not be held responsible. In case a user placed an order accidentally or changed his or her mind, limray.com will not issue a refund unless the use made use of Limray Pay.
The order is processed as soon as possible, so returns or refunds are not possible. It is highly recommended that a user places an order only after thinking about it. If a user did make use of Limray Pay, the amount would be refunded if the user notifies the website of the change of mind. Any user whose account has been banned by limray.com will not be able to access the website and won’t have any refunds even if the user had paid for a service that is still due. limray.com reserves the right to cancel the account or remove a user from the website at any time with or without providing notice. Though limray.com provides add-on services that help sellers to generate genuine leads, we provide no guarantees.
The quality or quantity of leads you get will depend on the products / services offered by the seller, the attractiveness of the listings, the prices, and the market demand. No refunds will be issued if the seller thinks that enough leads were not generated by limray.com.

Any legal dispute pertaining to limray.com can be handled only in Mumbai jurisdiction, and the legal issues will be subjected only to laws that are in force in Mumbai to the jurisdiction of courts which are located in Mumbai city.

In case a part of this agreement is found not to abide by the applicable laws, all other parts of the agreement will still be enforced for a user. limray.com tries its best to update its terms of the agreement as per changing laws and rules but provides no guarantees of the same.