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You must follow the terms and conditions available to you within Limray service.


Limray publisher shall not place any ads or Network IP on a website that asks to involve, promote or have links to sexually explicit materials, hate material, promote violence, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age, or family status, or any other content.
Publishers are not allowed to accept and publish ads that promote pornographic sites.

Publisher Responsibility
Publisher hereby acknowledges that the publisher is solely responsible for the method of dissemination of the campaigns and that Limray will not have any control over the method of dissemination and is entirely depended on these warranties made by Publisher. Publisher shall not Violate guidelines of any search engines being utilized, Conduct search Ads falsely suggesting a link between Limray and a third-party, Engage in any misleading or deceptive conduct.

Publisher warranty
 Publisher represents, warrants, and acknowledges that Limray does not make any specific or implied promises as to the successful outcome of any Ads, it will comply with Limray Privacy Policy as amended from time to time.

 If any Publisher violates or refuses to fulfill its responsibilities, or commits fraudulent activity, Limray reserves the right to withhold payment and take appropriate legal action.

Calculation of Publisher earnings, including Impressions and click-through numbers, shall be in Limray sole discretion and based on verified viewable impressions served above the fold, as defined by the IAB. These Publisher earnings will also be based on impressions served within a Limray approved site list.


The Advertiser Terms and Conditions or Insertion Orders are collectively referred to herein as the "Advertiser Agreement".

Inappropriate Content
The advertiser must not promote anything related to the sexual product, offering services that facilitate sexual encounters or promote anything that is pornographic, sexually suggestive, or that contains nudity.
You must not promote anything that contains offensive, abusive, discriminatory, and hateful content.
You must not promote any content that harms or scares children or adult which contains blood, strange animals or depicts dead bodies.

Restriction policies
Limray reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time and for any valid reason.
Limray shall not be liable for any cost or damages if, for any reason, the publisher fails to publish an advertisement. Cancellations or changes in publishing ads must be received in writing by the deadline date.

Delivery of advertising materials
The Advertiser will, at its sole cost and expense, create and deliver all advertising materials required for any Ad according to the specification provided by Publisher. 
If the advertising materials do not arrive timely enough to deliver the Ad on any agreed dates according to publisher order, then limray, in its sole discretion, may reject its ad and refund any applicable amounts paid in advance.

Limray may also postpone running such Ads until a reasonable period after the non-conforming Advertising Materials are corrected.

T&C of Limray: https://limray.com/read/terms-of-use/2/