Limray Privacy Policy respects your privacy and has developed this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your privacy and to explain how we collect, use, and share information from or about you in connection with your use of the Service (the “Data”).

If you reside in a country that is part of the European Economic Area, any reference to "Limray", "we", "us", or “our” in this Privacy Policy will always refer to “Limray” whose details are provided 


1.1. In General. We may collect personal information that can identify you directly, such as your name and email address, and other information that does not identify you directly. When you provide personal information through our website, the information may be sent to servers located in the India, United States, France, and other countries around the world. This Section explains what personal information we collect and how we collect such information.

1.2. When we Collect Data.

1.2.a. Data Collected from the Limray Site and Applications. We collect information when you use the Limray Service directly on the Limray Site or through the Limray Applications.

1.2.b. Data Collected from Third Party Websites and Applications that use the Limray Service. We collect information when you use our Video Player while visiting or using third-party websites and apps into which our Video Player is embedded. This includes information about the websites and apps that you visit, your use of our Video Player on those websites and apps, as well as information the developer or publisher of such app or website provides to us.


We collect Data because we are passionate about creating customized and engaging experiences for our users. We use all of the information we have to help us provide and support the Limray Service with a first-class user experience. The way we use the Data we collect from or about you depends on how you use the Limray Service.

Our purposes for the collection of the Data may include the following uses:

2.1. Provide, Improve and Develop the Limray Service. We are able to deliver the Limray Service, personalize the Content, evaluate how well the Content is performing, and make customized recommendations for you by using this information to understand how you use and interact with the Limray Service and the things you’re interested in on and off our Services. For example, we collect your authentication data to allow you to connect to your account, and we collect information on your language setting preferences to provide you with the Limray Service in the language of your choice. We may conduct surveys and research, test features in development and analyze the information that we have in order to evaluate and improve products and services, develop new products or features and conduct audits and troubleshooting activities.

2.2. Communicate with You. We may use your information to send you marketing communications, communicate with you about the Limray Service and update you about our policies and terms. We also may use your information to respond to you when you contact us, or for any other purpose that is disclosed to you at the time we collect the Data or that is related to a request made by you. To learn about opting out of promotional communications, please see the information we have provided in Section 8 below (“Your Rights & Opting-Out”).

2.3. Show and Measure Ads and Services. We may use the information we have to evaluate and improve our advertising and measurement systems so that we can show you relevant ads on and off our Services customized for you and measure the effectiveness and reach of ads and services. To learn about opting out of interest-based or online behavioral advertising, please see the information we have provided in Section 8 below ("Your Rights & Opting-Out").

2.4. Pay You. If you are a Limray Partner, we use billing information, such as your billing address or payment methods to help provide the monetization features of the Limray Service. For example, we use billing information to process payments to a Partner (using a third-party payment vendor), to retrieve account information for a Partner, and to detect abuse of the Limray Service.

2.5. Use of Precise Location Data. In order to access certain services from your mobile device, you may be required to share with us your device’s location data (limited to the city level only). In addition to providing you with certain services, this also enables us to serve you Content related to your local area such as local news and sports videos, or to ensure the respect of Content geo-restrictions dictated by the Content uploader. This data may also be used to tailor advertising to you based on your location.

2.6. Use of Aggregate or Anonymized Data. In addition to any personally identifiable data use that is described in this Privacy Policy, we may aggregate information about you and other individuals together, or otherwise "de-identify" the Data about you (meaning that the Data is anonymized and aggregated so it no longer personally identifies you). We may use this “de-identified” information for any legitimate internal and external business purpose, including for research and analysis, administration of the Limray Service, advertising (e.g. improving our targeting efforts), and business promotional purposes.

2.7. Ensure Safety and Security. We use the information we have to help verify accounts and activity, and to promote safety and security on and off our Services, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of our legal terms and policies. We work hard to protect your account using teams of engineers, automated systems and advanced technology such as encryption and machine learning.


We want you to understand when and with whom we may share Data we have collected about you or your activities on the Limray Service. We may share personally identifiable or non-personally identifiable information collected from or about you with third parties as explained further below, including government authorities, business partners, social networking services, service providers, advertisers, and other companies that are not affiliated with Limray (collectively “Data Recipients ”). We require such Data Recipients to adhere to strict confidentiality obligations in a way that is consistent with this Privacy Policy and the agreements that we enter into with them.

3.1. Business Partners. We work with a number of business partners who help us offer and improve the Limray Service, including, for example, our content programmers, distributors, and corporate owners. We may share information collected from or about you with such business partners, but always in an anonymized form so that you are not identifiable.

3.2. Social Networking and Single Sign-On Services. When you choose to share information with social networking services or single sign-on services about your activities on the Limray Service, such as videos you watched or “liked” on Limray, information about you and your activities may be shared with that social network or single sign-on service.

  • Sharing with Facebook or Google. If you connect to Limray through your Facebook or Google accounts you may choose to share information about your activities on the Limray Service with Facebook or Google and their users, including publishing information on the videos you watch on Limray to Facebook or Google. Furthermore, if you visit Limray while logged into Facebook or Google, then such entities may be able to identify your browser details and associate the technical information provided by your web browser with other information that Facebook or Google already has about you. In addition, when you choose to share information about your activities on the Limray Service with Facebook or Google, Limray may send information about you to Facebook or Google. Facebook or Google may then make that information visible to Facebook users or Google users in accordance with applicable law, their respective data policies, and your Facebook or Google privacy settings. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with their data policies and account privacy controls. We remind you that Limray is independent from these third party companies and that any privacy settings you might have chosen on the Limray Service are not applicable on Facebook, Google or any other social network.

3.3. Advertisers and Advertising-Related Service Providers. We want our advertising to be relevant and interesting to you, therefore we may share the Data collected from or about you in encrypted, aggregated, or anonymized forms with advertisers and service providers that perform advertising-related services for us and our business partners in order to tailor advertisements, measure and improve advertising effectiveness, and enable other enhancements. This information includes Data on your online activities in relation to your use of the Limray Service, such as the websites you have visited and advertisements you have viewed. For example, we may tell an advertiser how its ads performed, or how many people viewed their ads or installed an app after seeing an ad, or provide non-personally identifying demographic information (such as 25-year-old female, in New York) to these advertisers to help them understand their audience or customers, but only after the advertiser has agreed to abide by our Privacy Policy and strict confidentiality obligations. Please also note: we do not share directly identifiable information about you with advertisers and advertising-related service providers unless you give us express permission.


Data Security. Limray attaches great importance to the security of your Data and takes all appropriate steps to limit the risk that it may be lost, damaged or misused. Our aim is to make you feel confident and safe when using the Limray Service.

We use a variety of physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard information in our possession against loss, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure, and modification. For example, we take steps to limit access to sensitive information from or about you to only those Limray employees, agents, and contractors who have a legitimate business reason to access such information. We also use measures like encryption and hashing to help protect sensitive information when in transmission, and firewalls to help prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your personal information. We also use techniques such as data aggregation to render it more difficult to link and trace information to you.

Despite these efforts, in today’s world there is always a possibility that a breach in data transmission or storage may occur. We want you to feel confident in our security when using the Limray Service, but we cannot guarantee the security of any information from or about you 100% of the time.


Data is stored electronically in Limray's servers and is kept only as long as necessary to provide our products and services, including for the purposes set out above. Information associated with your account will be kept for a period of one year following the deletion of your account, or earlier if we no longer need the data to provide our products and services. After that point, data is kept only for statistical purposes (or as otherwise legally permitted) and shall not be used for any other reason. Please note that you may always exercise your right to erase your personal data stored in our system.


6.1. General. We advertise Limray both on the Limray Service as well as on other platforms and services. We also display advertisements from other companies on the Limray Service, often enabling users to interact with the advertisements or click through to websites or other properties owned or operated by other companies. This Section provides additional information about the collection and use of information from or about you in connection with such advertising. This advertising activity allows us to provide you access to Content and to the Limray Service at no cost to you.

6.2. Use of Cookies and Similar Technology in Third-Party Advertising. Advertisers, advertising technology companies, and service providers that perform advertising-related services for Limray and our business partners may use cookies and similar technologies (including for example those described in Section 1 ("Data We Collect")) to collect information from or about you through the Limray Service in order to tailor advertisements, measure advertising effectiveness, and enable other enhancements. This information may relate to your use of the Limray Service, websites you have visited, advertisements you have viewed, and your other activities online. We do not control the cookies and similar technologies that advertisers and such third parties may use, nor are their data and privacy practices covered by our Privacy Policy. Please contact them directly for more information about their privacy practices. You may have access to such information through the third party cookies list available on our Cookie Management settings page.

6.3. Viewing Ads. When you view an advertisement, whether or not you click on it, the advertiser, advertising technology companies, and service providers that perform advertising-related services for us and our business partners may collect some information from or about you. The data practices of these third parties are governed by their own privacy policies and are not governed by this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that Limray does not notify you when you have chosen to click through to another website or property when using the Limray Service – If you click on an advertisement you may be redirected to another website outside the Limray Service and would access a third party’s service governed by such party’s own rules and policies. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of such websites or properties to determine how they use or share any information they separately collect from you.

To learn about opting out of interest-based or online behavioral advertising, please see the Data we have provided in Section 8 below ("Your Rights & Opting-Out").