Limray Privacy Policy

Limray has a strict policy for completely anti-spam. This policy explains the ways we use the information and what kind of information is used. You acknowledge to have read and understood this policy and agree to the terms of this policy by using any of our service(s)/application(s) or clicking/ using our website as an advertiser or publisher.
Fraud clicks and all such activities come under violating our policy. Some reasons are confidential which can't be disclosed so understand our policy accurately.

The content as the whole idea and Ad should be proper. It should not hurt or harm any individual or organization.
It is very important to verify your document because if not verified the account will get suspended.
It is to inform you that you may pay for your advertisement in two ways one is a pre-paid and two is an E-Mandated card. 
Once the payment is done no refund will be offered. If there are any issues regarding Ad placement then you may ask for the help.
Limray is not responsible for the following products and content:
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Subscription services
  • Supplements
  • Dating sites
  • Financial services
  • Weight loss products
  • Political campaign advertising
  • Self-improvement products
  • Software downloads
  • Sweepstakes or contests
  • Religion
  • E-cigarettes and vaping products
Limray gives stringent guidelines on prohibited content and products

Limray Publisher and advertiser do not consider the following type of content and reserves the right to block all content, products or services for any reason, as Limray see it fit. Please contact if you fall under the following cases:
  • Illicit or digital drugs
  • Dating services facilitating sexual encounters
  • F-words
  • Exploitation or endangerment of minors
  • The abusive, exploitative, hateful, discriminatory, harassing, intolerant, offensive, threatening, violent or vulgar, obscene.
  • High-risk investments or impossible get-rich-quick schemes
  • promotion of illegal activity
  • Illegal subject matter  
  • Mail-order bride services
  • Products claiming to predict the future
  • services claiming to predict the future
  • You are not allowed to violate third-party rights: privacy, publicity, copyright, trademark, or other personal or proprietary rights
  • Weapons and explosives
  • Slanderous reports
  • Terrorism
  • Malware, phishing or spam
  • Misleading, inaccurate, or deceitful information
  • Online pharmacies
  • Poor grammar and misspellings
  • Pornography or erotica
  • Tobacco or nicotine
  • Unauthorized celebrity endorsements
Limray strictly does not entertain the mature topics, no controversial topics or pictures of any violence (non- cartoon), showing too much skin (no stomach, no deep cleavage, and no skin above the knee) and no provocative language.

Limray is not involved in any fraud. If the advertisers or publishers involved in it then we have the right to ban them or suspend the account.
Limray does not promote the following content:
  • Pornography
  • Religion
  • Self-Improvement
  • Sex
  • Adult Novelty Gifts
  • Alcohol / E-cigarettes
  • Body Art
  • Current Public Policy
  • Dating
  • Erotica
  • Suggestive Content
  • Swimwear
  • Violence
  • Weapons & Explosives
  • Energy & Brain Boosters
  • STDs
  • Partial Nudity
  • Politics
  • Fitness
  • Gambling
  • Beauty / Health
  • Illicit or Digital Drugs
  • Medicine
  • Nudity

Refund Policy
Limary does not allow to stop your Ad campaign in the middle because the Ad campaign follows the pre-paid or E- Mandated system.  If you want to run your campaign you have to pay before running the campaign.
  • No refund is there once you pay the amount. You can utilize it in your Ad campaign.
  • You can run your Ad campaign only for the amount that you have paid.
  • If you hack or do fraud and run your Ad campaign then Limray can take legal action.
  • It is prohibited to do fraud and if caught then the result will be punishable.
  • No one is allowed to use IP bot. 
  • Only one click will be considered from one IP address. 
  • PPC as pay per click depends on the clicks which are being clicked from the unique IP address.
  • It is very important to verify your document because if not verified the account will get suspended.
Privacy Policy: