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What you'll learn

  • Introduction The Node.js framework Installing Node.js Using Node.js to execute scripts
  • The Node Package Manager Creating a project The package.json configuration file Global vs. Local package installation
  • What is shrink-wrap Working with npmvet Working with outdated command
  • Call-back functions Working with Promises Advance promises Async/await Using Request module to make api calls
  • The HTTP protocol Building an HTTP server Rendering a response Processing query strings Processing posted data
  • Using buffers for binary data Flowing vs. non-flowing streams Streaming I/O from files and other sources Processing streams asynchronousl
  • Express JS : The model-view-controller pattern Defining EJS templates Configuring Express REST Building API Working with Complex JSON Data
  • MongoDB and Sqlite : How Node.js connects to databases RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases Connecting to RDBMS and Mongodb databases working with stored procedure
  • Project Architecture, The Front-end, and A Chat App : Getting Started Monolithic Architecture Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) Microservices Clean and neat Architecture with Microservices
  • Introduction to Task Managers : Working with gulp Working with grunt Working with unit and E2E testing
  • Versioning and Testing Getting Started with Git API Testing with Postman Testing using Swagger and Morcha.js
  • Building Financial Application Getting Started Exploring The Front-end Sending Live Data Back & Forth Creating The Front-end UI Scheduling EMI and Financial Process Working With Time Working with PostgreSQL Working with Git Deploying to Heroku


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₹ 18000.00 ₹ 20000.00
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